Zeus the Gelding


Zeus is one of larger male donkeys here at Lucky Glider Ranch. Zeus is one of our “American Mammoth” sized donkeys and he is the most rambunctious of the lot. He is father to Kharma and we think also Herschel and he loves to hang out with Kharma out of all the other donkeys.


Zeus and Kharma are like bookends. Even though Kharma is now full-grown, he is still respectful of his dad. They are always together when grazing, running and playing, hanging out in the barn or begging carrots–never out of sight of each other.


Due to Zeus’ strength and weight and general rowdiness, we had a stanchion built so we can squeeze him in to it when the vet has to give him sedation shots. Recently, he jumped over the restraining bars and bent some of the metal that had just been welded. He’s very strong and does not like to be cooped-up. Regardless, we love him dearly and enjoy grooming and feeding him by hand.


Are you interested in virtually adopting Zeus? If you would like to help him with veterinary bills, feed, and shared shelter, you can donate any monthly amount and receive personal updates on Zeus.



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