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“We measure our success based on the education we can pass on to families in the care of animals and of course in the care and sanctuary of unwanted animals.”

Goats are wonderful and very gregarious creatures. Unfortunately, goats as pets can be problematic because they are very curious and they like to wander into neighbors’ properties. They will often decimate trees by stripping off their bark and will easily consume an entire garden in one afternoon. Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary has numerous goats that proved troublesome for their previous owners. Here at Lucky Glider Ranch in Clifton Texas, we have goat-proof “no-climb fencing that keeps them in their designated area. The goat pasture is surrounded by a donkey pasture so the goats are not preyed upon by mountain lions or coyotes. 
In this video, you can see some of the rescue goats playing “king of the hill.” The one tall blonde goat is “Rufus.” He and other members of his family came to the rescue after their donor’s neighbor kept shooting at them when they busted down a rickety fence and foraged for food. Now they are safe and happy and take center stage when volunteers and visitors come to the rescue operation.
Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary is home to many farm and ranch animals. One of the most popular amongst visitors and volunteers are the donkeys. In this video you can see several Jacks cavorting in one of the donkey pastures.
Many donkeys are abused, neglected or simply abandoned. Several of our sanctuary donkeys were left on an empty property with no food and water. Fortunately, a loving couple began feeding and watering them when they were heard braying pitifully. We were contacted shortly afterwards and we fetched them with the LGRS livestock trailer and brought them back to the ranch to care for them. Donkeys are emotional and intelligent. They love attention and they will let you know when it’s time to eat. All they have to do is see us coming around the barn or opening a door at the ranch house and they begin their loud chorus!