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We measure our success based on the education we can pass on to families in the care of animals and of course in the care and sanctuary of unwanted animals. 

LGRS Donkeys

Our donkeys come to us from various sources. Several were by way of the Bureau of Land Management. Donkeys and wild horses are often rounded-up and placed with rescues and families. Other donkeys found their way to LGRS when they were found abandoned or simply forgotten. We rehabilitate these wonderful animals and give them a forever home.

LGRS Sheep

Sheep are often sold at sale barns or discarded as being “bad meat” or simply unwanted. At LGRS, we care for many sheep and provide instruction to volunteers and supporters on how to shear them, trim their hooves and feed them properly.

LGRS Goats

Goats are a favorite of visitors to Lucky Glider Ranch. These animals are gregarious, curious, and often get in trouble. Their tendency to escape from enclosures and bust through fences causes many of them to be given away or abandoned. Some of the goats here came to us after wrecking neighbors’ gardens and trees. Their play area is equipped with no-climb fencing so they don’t get in trouble.