Mocha the Jenny


Mocha is one of our beautiful Jennys here at Lucky Glider Ranch. Along with Jules, her brother, this donkey was abandoned on a farm in the Texoma area close to the Oklahoma border in late 2013. She and her sibling were yearlings at the time so she’s about six years old as of the Fall of 2019. 


Mocha is the “lieutenant” of our Jenny Callie and will cry if they are separated. This is actually great news for us here at LGRS because Callie lost her yearling earlier in the year when Mocha landed here. Callie took to Mocha almost instantly and they’ve been inseparable ever since. 


This Jenny is very vocal and at the slightest hint of us coming out of the house or going close to her pasture or barn, she’ll kick up a ruckus and bray louder than any of the other donkeys. She’s like a dinner bell! 


When it comes time to do hoof trims, Mocha requires some sedation to calm her down. But once she is settled she’s not so hard to handle. 


Are you interested in virtually adopting Mocha? If you would like to help her with veterinary bills, feed, and shared shelter, you can donate any monthly amount and receive personal updates on Mocha.



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