Jules The Feed Room Bandit

Jules The Feed Room Bandit 


Jules, who is the leader of the John Donkey herd, just can’t seem to get enough food. He’s super spoiled. Here we are at the hangar barn and he’s just had breakfast including some Purina Enrich Plus and carrots for a treat. He and the other John Donkeys gobbled that down while I was preparing food for the chickens, geese, and goats down the hill.


Jules pokes his head into the feed room as the scratch grains and crumble are being mixed in with chopped cantaloupe and cabbage. He knows he’s being bad. Check out his eyes as I’m telling him that’s not his food and to get out of the feed room… Right on queue, in the face of my admonishments, he keeps inching closer and closer to the feed bucket and at one point wraps his upper lip on the rim of the bucket. Always testing me…


If I’m not careful Jules will kick open the gate, grab the lid off of the can I use to store their grain and stick his head all the way in to chomp on some food. For this reason, we try to keep the gate chained up even when we are in the barnyard down there because he simply cannot be trusted! If they eat too much grain they can get really sick so we do our best to avoid that.


Despite his pilfering ways we love Jules very much – he’s just a bad example for the others. His pals are no where near as brazen as Jules and besides, he’d probably chase them off if they got too close to the feed room – even though he knows it’s off limits for him!

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