Rooster Relaxation

Our Black Australorp rooster just loves to sunbathe in the dirt. He shares a chicken house and aviary with 18 hens and five ducks. While the hens are feeding he patiently waits for them to finish their breakfast as he contemplates rooster things… He’s thinking: First, I will position myself in a way that I can… Continue reading Rooster Relaxation

Goat Treats for Rufus and Friends

Wow do these goats at the sanctuary love carrot nibs as a treat! We usually spread them around on the ground so they can forage but sometimes we are surrounded and of course the big blonde “Rufus” horns in to take more than his fair share. Rufus is a Boer / Nubian mix wether that’s about… Continue reading Goat Treats for Rufus and Friends

Mare Cowgirl Rakes Teeth At Breakfast Time

You’re about to see our shepherdess Cowgirl display a behavior called “cribbing” which is the scraping of the upper incisors on metal. Horses will also perform cribbing behavior on other hard surfaces such as wooden slats on a stall or fence. Now, before anyone jumps in to tell us her teeth are going to be ruined… Continue reading Mare Cowgirl Rakes Teeth At Breakfast Time

Donkeys Play Musical Feed Buckets

As kids we used to play “Musical Chairs” and when the music stopped we’d scramble for a seat and one person was always stuck without a place to sit down. Progressively, a chair would be removed until only one person was seated. Brutal if you were a sensitive child… Donkeys, on the other hand, would not… Continue reading Donkeys Play Musical Feed Buckets

Blankie for Cowgirl

First, yes we know how dirty this mare is. She rolled in the mud and then the temperature plummeted to about 9 degrees. Usually, we will brush off most of the mud and then wash it out. But it’s just too cold for that. So she’ll have to wait until it warms up a bit… Continue reading Blankie for Cowgirl

Muddy Donkey Hay Time

Boy do those John Donkeys love to roll in the mud after a big rain! Here they are down at the old hangar barn jostling for hay and showing off their dirty hides. Once it clears up, the mud will flake off and they’ll groom chunks dirt clods out of each others’ manes. Even “Buddy” the… Continue reading Muddy Donkey Hay Time

Mouse Ball in Chicken Coop

We are surprised to see just how brazen these field mice are down at the hangar barn. Despite the fact that chickens are omnivores, they have failed to dispatch these mice. Typically, mice will brave entry into a chicken coop to pilfer food while the birds are sleeping. But to do it in “broad daylight”… Continue reading Mouse Ball in Chicken Coop

Hognose Snake Encounter

This past weekend encountered a hognose snake during a hayride here in Bosque County. These strange-looking snakes are active during the day so you will see them out and about quite often here. When they get alarmed by something or threatened, they will stretch out and flatten their necks like a cobra does. Some people… Continue reading Hognose Snake Encounter

Goat Day Afternoon

No matter how old they are, goats have a tendency to stick close to mamma when resting. Here, our sweet little doe “Sheba” is bookended by her two sons Sydney (foreground) and Saul (background). Sheba is a Nigerian Dwarf. Sydney is mostly Nigerian Dwarf as well. Saul; however is half Nigerian and Half La Mancha.… Continue reading Goat Day Afternoon

Ducks Paddle and Drill Mud

The ducks at LGRS (Lucky Glider Rescue and Sanctuary) are so fun to watch. When we built the aviary, we were sure to add stock tanks for them to paddle about in. We also routinely flood one part of their enclosure with water. Why? Well, not only do ducks enjoy water, but they doubly enjoy… Continue reading Ducks Paddle and Drill Mud