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Happy Herschel Munches Hay

Our sweet John Donkey “Herschel” just loves to chow down on coastal hay. He’s at the bottom of the pecking order in the herd, so despite me spreading out their grain feed in separate troughs, they often nudge him away. He’ll then poke about for something else to eat so he gets first shot and… Continue reading Happy Herschel Munches Hay

Cradling Our Black Australorp Rooster

Mister Big Shot is a  Black Australorp Rooster. We hadn’t planned on him. That is to say when we got him and a bunch of other chickens as day-olds… he was supposed to be a hen. Imagine our surprise when one of the pullets started crowing at three months old. We thought “she” was just… Continue reading Cradling Our Black Australorp Rooster

Gander Bath Time for Hawkeye

Oh how these geese treasure their bath time! If they aren’t watchdogging or chasing each other – they are in one of two stock tanks taking a dip and grooming. Note the routine of this Chinese Gander as he takes his bath. First, there is a lot of head dunking and bobbing followed by feather grooming.… Continue reading Gander Bath Time for Hawkeye

Nestle Mothered By Mocha

It warms our hearts to see how the jenny “Mocha” (dark one in the background) has taken up the role of surrogate mom to lil orphan Nestle. As those of you who are friends of the sanctuary know, Nestle lost his mom BonBon a while back and we decided to keep him in the dry… Continue reading Nestle Mothered By Mocha

Donkey Logic – Be A Chipmunk

The intelligence (and competition) of these John Donkeys is always a source of amusement and wonder. Here they are at the hangar barn chewing some coastal hay. Note how Zeus, Jules, and Kharma, all in the foreground – are scrounging for scraps whilst Mr. Piggy in the background (that is Jules) has managed to stuff… Continue reading Donkey Logic – Be A Chipmunk

Honk If You Love Me

Hotlips the Chinese Goose is always very excited to see me in the morning. Even when feed is being distributed she will ignore it for a chance to stick her neck through the fence to be petted. Here, she is flanked by Gilligan (white) and Hawkeye. The other two like attention as well, but none of… Continue reading Honk If You Love Me

John Donkey Bucket Bandit

Oh that Nestle is such a spoiled baby! He knows when it’s time for me to feed the mule and he’s hot on my trail the whole way! Here he is jamming his head into Buddy the Mule’s bucket on my way down the hill in the paddock.  Nestle, one of five John Donkeys here, is… Continue reading John Donkey Bucket Bandit

Cooper’s Hawk Foiled by Aviary

Cooper’s Hawks are primarily woodland birds but so long as you have clumps of trees they can find a habitat. Here in Bosque County Texas, we are in the Edwards Plateau, which is characterized by mostly savanna scattered with trees. Hawks are abundant here. The county is named for the Bosque River, which runs north… Continue reading Cooper’s Hawk Foiled by Aviary

Donkeys: Lettuce Have Some!

There are two observations you can take away from this video pretty quickly: 1) donkeys love lettuce; and 2) donkeys have long ears. Let’s explore both of these… Here we see Callie, the skewbald Jenny on the left, Nestle, the brown John donkey to the right, and Mocha, the dark Jenny on the far right. All… Continue reading Donkeys: Lettuce Have Some!

Goatspotting at the Sanctuary

Here at Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary we just love the goats and sheep. Especially the goats. Here, the Hangar Barn herd is just hanging out and following me around looking for some treats. The video begins with wether Saul (left foreground) opposite his dad (right foreground) just lolling about. You’ll notice that Saul has… Continue reading Goatspotting at the Sanctuary