Goat Day Afternoon

No matter how old they are, goats have a tendency to stick close to mamma when resting. Here, our sweet little doe “Sheba” is bookended by her two sons Sydney (foreground) and Saul (background). Sheba is a Nigerian Dwarf. Sydney is mostly Nigerian Dwarf as well. Saul; however is half Nigerian and Half La Mancha. You can see the mark of a La Mancha with Saul as his ears are very small and he has wattles on his neck. His dad, Guinness is the brown La Mancha you see 32 seconds in to the video.
Notice how Sheba comes up to me when I approach. She’s always been affectionate and eager to get attention. Her sons are a bit stand-offish compared to her.
As is typical, Rufus, the big blonde-colored Nubian/Boar whether bleats out his disapproval as I pay attention to Sheba. He wants to be the center of attention so he will either cry out to me when any other goat gets attention or on some occasions, he will run up and butt the other goat out of the way so he can have center stage.

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