Honk If You Love Me

Hotlips the Chinese Goose is always very excited to see me in the morning. Even when feed is being distributed she will ignore it for a chance to stick her neck through the fence to be petted. Here, she is flanked by Gilligan (white) and Hawkeye.
The other two like attention as well, but none of them express is like Hotlips, who will honk like crazy, stamp her feet, dip and sway until she gets some attention. All it takes is a few strokes of her neck and she starts to calm down, having extracting the attention she demands so much.
These birds are not happy that one of their two stock tanks is frozen over. We have a submersible heater in the tank that’s in the barn so they can drink and splash around. But they like to alternate between tubs. The temperature should reach 55 later today so we are hopeful they’ll have a chance to splash around in the sunshine a little later. For now, they are slipping and sliding on the ice.

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