Goats Chase The Next Feed Bucket

Oh these goats are so hilarious. When it’s feeding time, I usually go down the line of feed buckets to first distribute carrot nibs and then follow-up with goat feed. They subsist mostly on live grass and hay; however, the feed and carrots are just like a treat for them.


Notice how they run from one bucket to the next I guess based on the idea that there’s always something better in the next bucket. I mean they abandon the food that was just laid down in anticipation of something better that has yet to be laid down!



Sooner or later they realize that all the food has been distributed and they are forced to decide what bucket to eat from. 


Regarding the feed, we are very sparing in how much prepared feed they get owing to the tendency for goats (and other ruminants) to develop rumenitis. That’s a type of acidosis that is caused by rich grasses and too much fine grains in their diet. 



Rufus, the tall, blonde Nubian/Boer mix fell victim to this a year ago so ever since a severe admonition from our vet, we’ve cut way back on grain-based feed pellets. A good effect of this cut-back is the goats are much less overweight. 



Speaking of Rufus, you can see towards the end of the video that he uses his horns to push away the wether “Eon.” Of course he is scolded by yours truly when he does this (to no avail of course).

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