Gentle Cowgirl Shares Pile of Hay

Our sweet sorrel mare “Cowgirl” is so kind to the sheep at LGRS. In addition to being their protector and shepherdess, she also takes part of her meal with them. There are really two courses to the meals in the morning. Course one is pellets and carrots. This consists of medicated sheep pellets (no copper) along with carrot nibs for the sheep and senior equine pellets along with carrot nibs for the mare. 
We feed the mare in her stall from a hanging feed bucket and close her in while she eats. This is done to keep the sheep from jumping up and trying to pilfer her food. She is so gentle and kind with them that if we feed her outside the pen, they’d just steal from her. 
The second part of the meal consists of a communal hay pile – usually three flakes from a square bale of coastal hay. Here in the video you can see how much she tolerates the smaller critters as she blithely chomps away.
Notice how the wether “Henry” in the foreground keeps approaching me for “something better” than what all his buddies are eating. Yes, they are spoiled and always looking for a better handout. And never satisfied. That’s ok we love them all!

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