Barred Rock Glenda Gets Snuggle Time

One of our Barred Rock pullets “Glenda” is the runt of the flock. Poor little girl lost her right eye as a chick and she’s been kind of shy and skinny ever since. We try to give her more attention and she seems to relish it. Even after all the food has been distributed she will run up to me to be picked up. In fact I have to be careful where I step because she’s often underfoot looking for attention. It’s kind of a ritual now after all the flock have been fed that she gets her special attention.

Here, Glenda rests in my arms after feeding time and chirps a bit for the camera. Note how towards the end of the video she rests her head down on my arm. Just precious!

The Plymouth Rock (or Barred Rock) is an American breed of chicken. Barred Rock chickens were in fact the most popular type of chicken in the last century. It is well-known for its good temperament and its large, brown-colored eggs. They will lay every other day or slightly more I the best conditions.

You can see that Glenda has bright red comb, ear lobes and wattles. The comb has five or six points and she’s got a yellowish beak. Her feathers are stippled black and white. Some sub-species have a mostly white plumage with black flecks. She is pretty representative of the breed. Above all, these birds are friendly and well-mannered as you can see.

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