Herman the Gelding

Herman is our second-youngest donkey at Lucky Glider Ranch. He’s about 11 years old now, so he’s a bit senior to BonBon’s Nestle. This sweet donkey was originally part of a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) round-up so he was a wild animal in his early years.


Herman is a little guy, so he gets pushed around by the other donkeys a little. At present, we have teamed him with two Jennys — Callie and Mocha and that seems to be working out pretty well. The females allow him to approach the feeding area when it’s time to eat whereas before Nestle would chase him away.


It’s been 11 months since he joined the sanctuary and it’s taken that long for him to warm up enough to us to allow us to approach him and pet him. Herman is also one of the favorites of visitors and volunteers here at Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary.

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