CutiePie the Ewe

SPONSOR CUTIEPIE CutiePie is one of our friendly sheep. She came to us when she was approximately a year old in 2011. At that time, she was pregnant with her daughter Mitzy, who is also a member of the sanctuary.   CutiePie is a Dorper mix and the largest of the ewes here at the… Continue reading CutiePie the Ewe

Henry the Wether

SPONSOR HENRY Henry is one of our friendly Painted Desert Sheep. He came to us as a young ram and was wethered soon after his arrival. You can see by his photo that he has a trophy-class set of horns that twist all the way around his head and skirt closely to his eyes at… Continue reading Henry the Wether

Manny the Wether

SPONSOR MANNY Manny is one of our friendly Painted Desert Sheep mixes. He was born in February of 2013 to Mitzy. Manny is a favorite of visitors to the sanctuary because he is very curious and friendly, unlike most sheep. In 2015, Manny suffered a broken fibula leg bone. This was probably a result of… Continue reading Manny the Wether