Henry the Wether


Henry is one of our friendly Painted Desert Sheep. He came to us as a young ram and was wethered soon after his arrival. You can see by his photo that he has a trophy-class set of horns that twist all the way around his head and skirt closely to his eyes at the tip.


If you sit still for him and offer a treat, Henry will slowly approach you and offer the top of his head to be scratched. He is one of only three sheep in his herd to willingly approach people for attention.


Most Painted Desert Sheep shed their shorter winter wool coat and grow a top “hair-coat” for the warmer months. Not so with Henry. His winter coat is very heavy and it does not shed on its own. He gets an annual shearing in late April or May along with the other wethers and ewes.


Of all the sheep, Henry is decidedly the boss of the herd. Most of the others will follow him or yield to his authority at feeding time. His protector is CowGirl the 20-year-old mare who came to the sanctuary in the winter of 2018. The horse has adopted the sheep, and whenever they are frightened, they run to CowGirl – even Henry does that!


Henry was born mid-2011 and has been part of the sanctuary since 2012. If you come to visit Lucky Glider Ranch, you will see why he is a favorite of donors and volunteers.


Are you interested in virtually adopting Henry? If you would like to help him with veterinary bills, feed, and shared shelter, you can donate any monthly amount and receive personal updates on Henry.



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