Twin Ducks Debut at Sanctuary

A local family friend dropped off two ducks a few weeks back that were being picked on by dogs. The dogs were nipping at the ducks and pulling out feathers. Of course this was stressful for the ducks so our friends decided to bring them to the sanctuary.


We decided to put them in the new chicken house for the time being. We cleared out the nursery and put in a wading pool for the ducks. They’ve been getting along with the chickens pretty well although the hens are a bit bossy. Soon we will have a covered aviary that’ll be hawk-proof so they’ll be able to tase in their pool outside and get some fresh air.


Here in the video you can see them waddling about, and scooping up food during the morning feeding. The one with more white on her underbelly and a few white feathers is Sam (short for Samantha). Her buddy is Oakley. So far so good as these girls have settled in to the routine nicely and seem to be happy and healthy.

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