Gaggle Gets Goat’s Attention

Our geese not only sound the alarm when they see or hear something they don’t like, but they also demand attention at feeding time. In fact, they will delay gobbling down their grains and veggies to spend time with us when we come down to their area.


Here in this video you will see how they gather around to get petted and scratched. The one in the foreground is “Hotlips.” She is the most affectionate one and will even tolerate being lifted up to sit in your lap. She delivers little pecks that we reckon are more like kisses to her – very gentle. The white one is “Gilligan,” who lost his mate Maryann a few years ago. The grey one in the background is “Hawkeye.” He’s a bit wary but he will come up for a little petting from time to time.


Our wether goat “Eon” stands at the gate to inspect the proceedings. He is a gentle boy and is always ready to greet anyone who visits. He likes to be scratched in the middle of his back. He was a bit jealous of all the attention the geese were getting so he made his presence known.

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