Donkeys Mugging For More Food

Oh look at these mopey John Donkeys mugging for the camera like they have not eaten in a year! Big fakers! Yeah, they just gobbled down a bunch of coastal hay, grains and carrots and they’re hanging on the fence line like we starve them or something!


These big boys sure love to eat, but we do have to restrict their carb and sugar intake because they do have the run of pastures after all. If they get too much protein and/or sugar they could founder. After a decade of taking care of these guys, they have not shown any signs of foundering; however the Jennies have more of a tendency towards that problem.


We recently dry-lotted the Jennies because they are getting overweight and all that extra pressure on their hooves is simply not good for them. So now they are on a restricted diet. The boys are not overweight and their hooves are in good shape. So far so good with them despite all their play-acting!

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