Buddy Bolts from the Mist

Our new-to-the-sanctuary mule “Buddy” has been here for a week now and is settling in to a predictable routine. That routine centers on his obsession over the mare / shepherdess “Cowgirl.” Buddy the john mule is separated from Cowgirl by a fence that runs the perimeter of a large pasture in which ten sheep, a pygmy goat, and their protector Cowgirl live. We wanted to lead Buddy into that area to meet with Cowgirl last week, but he was too rowdy to be harnessed and led. So, we opted to let him into the john donkey area along with Zeus, Kharma, Herschel, and Jules.


Well, Buddy barely tolerates the donkeys and they have sequestered themselves down at the hangar barn pasture. Only twice this past week have the john donkey crew ventured into the new barn pasture area where Buddy has staked his claim. No worries, there is plenty of room and they all have shelter and water at both outbuildings so them distancing themselves from each other has no downside for the moment.


Now, back to Buddy’s obsession with Cowgirl… He just loves to see her and will do everything he can to follow alongside her on the fence line to stay close to her. When I call Cowgirl into the new barn to feed her, Buddy will invariably run the entire perimeter of his pasture (which encircles the mare’s area – about a mile’s run) just to keep his eye on her. Then, when she emerges from the barn and goes over to her stock tank to take a drink, Buddy will run all the way back around the perimeter just to get a better view of her. Such is the case with the video here… Being close to that horse is the most important thing to him!

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