BonBon’s Abscess Recovery

During the muddy season in late Winter and early Fall, the donkeys will often get small rocks packed into the bottom of their hooves. If I see them limping, I’ll use a hoof knife to clear that out, but sometimes bruising from a rock will cause an infection to happen. Such was the case with BonBon recently.
After a trip to the vet, we kept her in a dry stall for about a week and we administered bute, antibiotics, and epsom salt treatments for her hoof.
It’s a lot easier to give her treatments when she’s penned but as you will see in this video, a little harder when her son Nestle runs interference now that she’s in a dry lot and out of the stall. I mixed her antibiotic medicine with apple sauce and gave it to her with an empty bute syringe. Then gave her some of the pain killer by hand.
Check out how Nestle kept pushing in front of his mom so he could get what he thought was a treat.

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