Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary

Animal Rescue & Sanctuary of Bosque County

Our Mission

There is an epidemic of unwanted and abandoned animals in the United States. These include exotic pets and domestic animals that are often “let loose” or neglected. All too often small exotics are purchased “on impulse” at trade shows, flea markets, and pet stores. Breeders and sellers of these animals are often unscrupulous and misleading about how hard it is to care for these animals.


In addition, there are countless farm and ranch animals that are turned loose who are often in need of medical care or malnourished. Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary provides shelter and caring for many of these animals with particular attention to the kinds of animals many rescuers do not have the facilities to handle. These include donkeys, goats, sheep, and some smaller exotics.


Are you interested in Sponsoring one of our Rescue Animals?


We provide information on animal husbandry, proper care, and feeding. Face-to-Face workshops on diet, hoof and nail trimming, and grooming are provided to donors.


We work with local veterinarians and collaborate with caregivers and veterinarians nationwide to develop and teach best practices for the care of sanctuary animals.


Our community outreach programs include school presentations, collaboration with rescues, and ranch tours.

Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

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