Volunteer Opportunities & Ranch Tours

You are welcome to visit Lucky Glider Ranch


Many of you have been asking about what kind of volunteer work you can do here at Lucky Glider Ranch. In addition, there have been many ranch tours over the past decade that have gone far to establish community outreach and lots of fun. Some highlights:


  • Ranch tours are a great opportunity for families to provoke both interest in animals and also how to care for animals. Our tours are free and will often include instruction and demonstrations dealing with animal husbandry.
  • There are many ways to volunteer your time. In addition, work at Lucky Glider Ranch can be enriching for youngsters.
  • It’s best to plan ahead for a visit or blocks of volunteer time. We are often making feed runs, picking up hay or at the vet’s office. Be sure to call ahead to schedule an appointment (877-504-5145).


There’s plenty of volunteer work here at Lucky Glider Ranch if you are interested. This includes food preparation, stock tank maintenance, stall maintenance, and of course feeding the critters.


If you plan ahead, you can also help with special rites such as sheep shearing, hoof trimming, inoculations and fence repair. These are activities that can be very educational for youngsters if you’d like to bring them along.


Be sure to bring the appropriate clothing and footwear. It’s a good idea to have knee-high, steel toed cowboy boots if you want to work with the horses or donkeys. Snake boots are also a good idea because we are out in the country and snakes abound.


Ranch visits may also include tutorials on animal care, behavior, and health issues. If you are interested in making these part of your visit, let us know in advance so we can block out the time for you. Don’t have time, but still want to help? You can always Donate. We are a 501(c)3 public charity / non-profit organization. This means all donations are tax deductible.


We hope to see you soon here in beautiful Bosque County in the North Hill Country of Central Texas!

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