Visit from Wandering Heifer Calf

Don’t worry this cute little one has been returned to its momma but the poor thing was scared and crying out for her a lot. This heifer calf squeezed its way through the barbed wire fence along the Northern perimeter of the donkey pasture over the weekend. Its mom was on the other side kicking up a fuss…


We were concerned that the donkeys might get rowdy with the little one so they were corralled over by the hangar/barn to keep them out of the way. We used the red UTV to chase her along the fence line into a chute between the new barn and the hangar barn.


Here you can see the calf pacing in the chute while the Jennies Callie and Mocha show a lot of interest in her. The owner was able to pull his livestock trailer around and with the help of a few cow hands — shooed her onto the trailer with little fuss.


At birth, a heifer calf can weigh between 60 and 85 pounds. This one is approximately 6 months old and is about 350 pounds. When she’s full grown, she’ll be an easy 1,100 pounds or so.


Our neighbor is now doing a perimeter check on the fence to repair any breaks so the little one does not break through again. We’ll be happy to have her come visit but it’ll be better to just say hi from across the fence so she doesn’t get scraped up trying to get back in.

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