Sleepy Time For Mister Toad

We just love the family of toads that lives under our driveway. Yes, these little ones use the expansion gap in the driveway as a means to crawl into their underground lair each morning. Toads venture out mostly during the darker hours so they can scavenge for bugs. 
They’re pretty quick too! If they see a bug they will chase it down. Or sometimes they will just sit there and wait for a bug to cross its path. 
We have to be careful at dusk and daybreak as that’s when they are either coming out to eat or retiring after a long night of feasting. So whilst pulling a car into the driveway we are on alert for these little ones. A few nights ago there were five of them scattered about – they had just emerged from their den for the evening.
Not to be showed up by this little hoppy ones, there’s also a few leopard frogs that have been living under (and swimming in) the stock tanks at the ranch. They don’t see intimidated with donkeys, goats, or sheep dipping in to the tank the get a drink. They’ll just sit at the bottom of the tank and pop up every once in a while to take a look around and take a breath.
It’s not uncommon to see both frogs and toads under a stock tank when I lift them up to empty them out and scrub them. The toads will huddle together like puppies do. The frogs don’t huddle as much but they do share the same space.

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