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Sheba the Doe


Sheba is a very special goat here at Lucky Glider Ranch. She was born in January of 2010. She is three-quarters Nigerian Dwarf and one-quarter Nubian. Her two offspring are Saul (La Mancha father), and Sydney (Nigerian father). Her boys rarely leave her side and when it’s time to sleep they all curl up together.


Sheba is one of the most friendly goats we have here at the sanctuary. She waddles up to you freely and enthusiastically and loves to get hand-outs if you have them. Visitors just love her because she is easily approached and loves to nuzzle.


Her nickname is “Snickers” because of her beautiful brown, white, and black mosaic coat. Despite her small size — being mostly Nigerian Dwarf — Sheba has no trouble hopping up on things including her playground tanks and fences. She’s very cooperative when it comes time for worming, hoof trims, and medication. We just love her!


Are you interested in virtually adopting Sheba? If you would like to help her with veterinary bills, feed, and shared shelter, you can donate any monthly amount and receive personal updates on Sheba.




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