Rufus Is King Of The Hay Pile

Rufus is our Nubian/Boer mixed whether. He’s the boss in these here parts – well of the other goats that is. Here he is laying smack dab in the middle of the hay pile put out for the goats. He is not content to eat the hay and chase off the others when they approach. No – he has to lay down right in the middle of it all to lay his claim.
Somehow, he is tolerating the presence of his sister Mandy. But half-brother Mitchell keeps a wide berth and saunters safely by in the background.
This behavior is one of the reasons there are nine feed buckets against the fence. When it’s time for their morning and afternoon feeding, we spread those out and divide up the food to reduce too much crowding and fighting over the spoils. With hay we just put it in a pile because they eat that more casually during the day.

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