Rooster Anthony Cooing and Clucking

Anthony loves to coo and cluck in addition to some very loud and proud crowing. He’s one of two game fowl that joined the sanctuary courtesy of Animal Investigation & Response – a Texas-based non-profit. We cannot keep them together as they were bred to fight, but they often get into a rousing “call and response” whilst crowing at each other.
Here, Anthony sits on my lap for his morning visit. In the background, you can hear his buddy Elliot crow three times. Listen closely to how Anthony responds. He coos a little and lets out a few excited clucks upon hearing his fellow rooster crowing and also the calls from the Chinese Geese.
The geese are in their own paddock across the fence from Anthony. When they see me holding him, they seemingly register complaints that they are not getting the attention. 
Anthony is responding well to the human attention that he gets. A year ago when he arrived, he was always ready for a fight. But lately, he is calmer when picked up and handled. 
Keeping a gentle but firm grasp around the wings of a rooster makes it easier to control these birds. I usually hold them with my left arm wrapped around the left wing and the right wing tucked next to my left side. This cradling keeps them from flapping or kicking.
Then with my right hand I can pet him. They like to have their throats stroked and once they trust you a little  more (see the video), you can scratch under their beaks and eyes. If you are patient enough, this will put them to sleep. You can also flip them on their backs and cradle them like a baby whilst petting their bellies. This also is kind of hypnotic for them.

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