Rescued Roosters Debut at LGRS

Here’s a shout out to Monica and her colleagues at Animal Investigation & Response – a Texas-based non-profit. They are an animal protection organization that assists law enforcement, animal control agencies and communities with animal abuse related issues. See: https://www.animalinvestigationandresponse.org/


Animal Protection Organizations often work with Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary to place animals who have been abused or   neglected. Such was the case with some roosters who came in to our care this past weekend. There were many individuals that were being bred for fighting…


Anyway, after getting the all clear from the county authorities and vet references, etc. were made available, Monica brought Elliot and Anthony to the ranch.


Elliot (pictured in the foreground in front of the Guinea) had a wound on his chest but it is clearing up fine after the application of some vet salve. He is crowing and strutting about in the aviary. His appetite is good and he’s even been doing some mating ritual dances so we think he’s going to be fine.


Anthony, is seen in the other photo peering at some hens who we had to put in the nursery down at the hangar/barn. At first we tried to pair Anthony with the mature hens, but the red star started poking at him. So we separated the hens from him. Now he’s solo in the broody pen but at least he can crow for the girls and show off for them. He too is eating well including chopped cantaloupe, cabbage, scratch grains and protein crumble.


It’s been just a few days but both of these sweet boys seem to have settled in pretty well and their health seems to be stabilizing. If anyone would like to meet them, let us know and we can schedule an introduction.

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