Reconstruction of Outbuildings at Sanctuary

We are happy to report to all friends of Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary great progress on the rebuilding of shelter outbuildings here after a tornado touched down in early July.

As some of you are aware, a horrendous storm wrecked several outbuildings on the sanctuary property. One shed was turned up-side down and it was so busted up we had to demolish it and cart it away. Half of the roof of the larger garage structure was blown off and the entire lean-to was destroyed. We are fortunate that no animals were hurt or killed when the storm came through.

The first step taken about a month ago was the demolition phase. Here, the uprights of the old lean-to were taken out and the twisted metal removed. There was a lot of debris from the storm and metal sheets from the roof and sides of these buildings were scattered all over the East pasture.

The construction crew then used a skid steer auger attachment to drill holes for the new frame columns. This is a big job because the ground is pure limestone and very difficult to punch holes in.

Over the past week, the frame columns, square tube braces, and purlins were welded together. Finally, the eave trim, ridge cap and ridge vents were bolted on.

Now these buildings are once again able to serve the sanctuary. The project was expensive, so if anyone wishes to make a tax-deductible donation, you can do that on https://luckyglider.org Thank you all for your ongoing support!

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