Pygmy Wether Brady Is King Of The Hill

Our little Pygmy Goat wether Brady just loves to inspect his domain from atop his perch – that is an overturned stock tank. We often observe him watching over the sheep as if he is their self-appointed king.
Of course Brady is a real ham for the camera and loves to strike a pose and grab all the attention he can get. Here, as soon as he sees me, he abandons his throne atop the stock tank and comes trotting over for a head scratch.
Despite his size, he loves to push the sheep around – especially at dinner time. Brady will run up and down the length of the feeding troughs until all the feed has been placed. If anyone gets in the way of his little ritual, they get head butted by little Brady. 
Of course most of the sheep are twice his size and way more powerful. And most of them are many years older. It seems they tolerate him because he’s small and so much younger. Kind of like a pesky little brother…

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