Pauline the Ewe

Pauline is one of our Dorper mix ewes. She was born in July of 2012 in the Texoma area and participated in the grand relocation of the sanctuary to Bosque county.


Pauline has no offspring as all of the Rams were whether shortly after her arrival. Her mother Patsy is no longer with us, having died of old age several years ago. Patsy was of great temperament and passed that on to Pauline despite the little one being somewhat “sheepish” that is shy.


Pauline loves to hang out with Manny, one of the wethers. They can always be found lounging the shade together or grazing together. She is very well behaved when it comes to shearing and hoof trimming but she’s hard to catch and very fast. Once you get ahold of her she calms very quickly and has a cute baa and bleat sound.


Are you interested in virtually adopting Pauline? If you would like to help her with veterinary bills, feed, and shared shelter, you can donate any monthly amount and receive personal updates on Pauline.



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