Kisses From Rufus

We are happy to report that Rufus the wether is back to his old self again after fighting off a bout of acidosis a few weeks back. This is the same goat who demands attention at feeding time and blocks our path when we go out to pitch hay.

Here he is snuggling up and planting kisses on my neck at breakfast. Goats are not only gregarious but also very affectionate once they get to know you. The best way to bond with them is by sitting on a small chair or bench in their habitat. Just sit there and eventually they will come up to you and expect some scratches and smooth talk.

They behave similarly to dogs. We call them “dogs with horns.”

If you are interested in sponsoring Rufus or one of his caprine buddies, you can do that on our web site. 

Enjoy the video! #LGRS #GOATS

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