Kharma the Gelding


Kharma is our “big baby” donkey here at Lucky Glider Ranch. He’s one of our “American Mammoth” sized donkeys and he’s very very attached to his father Zeus. He plays with his dad all the time and does mutual grooming with him a lot. When it comes time to round up the donkeys, Kharma will most often hide behind his dad, even though he’s slightly taller than his dad now.


This donkey has had his problems. He had a tooth decay problem a few years back and had to have one of his front upper teeth extracted. Boy did he hate that! I think he knew his tooth was going to be pulled because it took over an hour to get him into the livestock trailer!


That’s why we call him a “big baby.” But despite his lack of cooperation when loading him in trailers or rounding him up for hoof trims, Kharma is a very sweet boy. Of all the larger donkeys, he is one of two that will allow you to approach and put his head on your shoulder.


Are you interested in virtually adopting Kharma? If you would like to help him with veterinary bills, feed, and shared shelter, you can donate any monthly amount and receive personal updates on Kharma.



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