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Jules the Gelding


Jules is one of our gregarious donkeys here at Lucky Glider Ranch. Jules was abandoned on a farm in Northern Texas along with his sister Mocha who is also here at the sanctuary. He and his sister were yearlings when some neighbors rescued them in late 2013, so he’s about six years old as of the Fall of 2019. 


Jules took over as the alpha male of the donkey herd after about a year of being here. He bosses the other geldings around and is always first to eat. He’s also the friendliest of the larger males — always front and center for ear scratches and rump scratches. 


This donkey is a bit hard to handle when it comes to hoof trimming or other medical procedures like worming on annual shots. He will kick up pretty readily so you have to be careful around him. Like his sister, Jules needs to be medicated by the vet to calm him down before you go near his feet! 


Are you interested in virtually adopting Jules? If you would like to help him with veterinary bills, feed, and shared shelter, you can donate any monthly amount and receive personal updates on Jules.



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