Jennies at the Water Cooler

The Jennets down at the East barn and pasture are really attached to one another. That’s Callie the skewbald one and Mocha, the dark brown one. These two are inseparable and will do whatever it takes to be in one another’s line of sight.


It is their habit to congregate around the stock tank after eating for a little attention and of course a cool drink of water. Here, Mocha takes a nice draw and then saunters off in the direction of her dirt bath. Although not caught in this video, she will routinely take a dirt bath after her drink with Callie watching one her.


Callie stops for some attention and bows her head low after getting her ears scratched. Boy she loves a good ear scratching. After her drink she follows Mocha out to the dirt bath. They are very predictable but us humans are too – think of all the times we congregate at the water cooler at work after a bite to eat!

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