Goatspotting at the Sanctuary

Here at Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary we just love the goats and sheep. Especially the goats. Here, the Hangar Barn herd is just hanging out and following me around looking for some treats.
The video begins with wether Saul (left foreground) opposite his dad (right foreground) just lolling about. You’ll notice that Saul has little ears and neck waddles. That’s a telltale sign of having some “La Mancha” in his genes. He’s actually a mix between a Nigerian Dwarf (mom is Sheba) and his dad Guinness, who is all La Mancha.
Behind those two is Mandy, a Boer/Nubian mixed doe. She is full brother to Rufus, half-brother to Mitchell, and half-sister to Marge. Obscured a bit and just behind Mandy is one of the Boer doe twins, LuLu. Off to the right in the background is our sweet Pygmy wether Jack.
Just as Rufus (the tall blonde Boer/Nubian wether) approaches, you can see Saul’s brother Sydney following up behind him on the left. Sydney was born of Sheba, and at the as Saul. His dad was Cletus (R.I.P.), who, like Sheba, was a Nigerian mix. Notice how Sydney has no waddles. You may wonder: “Is it possible for a doe to have twins from two different bucks?” Yes! Does can be impregnated and go into a cycle and be impregnated again and then go to term with two separate “twins” from different fathers. Such was the case with Sheba. I know, because I helped her with her kidding. Sheba had trouble getting Sydney out so I had to pull him out. Anyway, both of them were born within minutes of each other and I was at first shocked that one looked like Cletus and the other like Guinness. 
Just behind Sydney in the upper, left part of the frame is the doe Marge. That’s Rufus’ and Mandy’s half-sister. You’ll notice that she too has waddles so Guinness was also her dad. That makes her a Nubian/La Mancha mix. She’s very bossy and spends a lot of time chasing down other goats and showing them she’s boss. That is until her half-brother Rufus shows up to assert his authority over all of them. Just behind and to the left of Marge is doe Heidi, who is the twin of LuLu. She has dark brown spots versus LuLu’s light brown ones. They are both about ten years old.
Now of course, no Goatspotting video at the sanctuary would be complete without Rufus (the tall, blonde Boer/Nubian wether) coming up to demand attention. Here he approaches and insists, as usual, on rubbing his head up and down my side. If I do not stop and allow for this ritual, he gets angry and will jab with his horns until he gets his way. So he wins and I pause for a moment so he can get his head-rubbing in.
After Rufus gets his attention, I turn towards the barn and you can then see his half-brother Mitchell, a Nubian/Nigerian mixed wether. Mitchell gives a wide berth to Rufus as he eyes his larger brother heading his way. Behind him is wether Eon, the blond Nigerian mix. Eon is kind of low in the pecking order so we try to give him special attention. For some reason, Eon has a nice, long and well-kept looking beard. 
Shortly, you will get a peek at Sheba, mother to Sydney and Saul. She’s the little Nigerian Dwarf on the right-hand side over by the two feed buckets just before the water tank comes in to view. She’s very friendly and her two boys bookend her when it’s time for a nap. It’s so sweet to see how the moms baby their children way into adulthood.
The whole herd continues to follow me into the hangar barn… If you are wondering if they got that treat they followed me around for – yes of course they did!

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