Ducks Prefer Mud Lattes Over Clean Water

Ducks Samantha (white feathers) and Oakley just love the daily routine of dumping out their little pool to clean it and refill it. Why? So they can stick their bills in mud! Yes, it appears they prefer a “Mud Latte” to clean water. Notice in this video how one of the chickens is enjoying new, clean, water from the ducks’ pool and how the ducks continually bury their bills in the mud as several sheep look on.


Interestingly, the ducks will interrupt their morning feeding to gulp down muddy water. After they’ve slaked their thirst, they go back to gobbling their food. Meals consist of a combination of finely chopped cabbage, chopped cantaloupe, scratch grains, and layer pellets.


The ducks have been out-producing the hens in the laying department. Their eggs are white, larger, with a tough exterior. The chickens are getting old so they don’t lay as much the Red Star and Black Star hens lay brown eggs, but they are very fragile, albeit still tasty.

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