Donkeys Say: “Lettuce Eat Now!”

Donkeys Say: “Lettuce Eat Now!”


Well we are sure you’ve heard “coo coo for cocoa puffs…” Now the sanctuary John Donkeys are coo coo for lettuce chunks… Our dear friend Kathy donated some iceberg lettuce heads and we spread the wealth between the chickens, ducks, goats, and equine critters. 


Here, Zeus, Kharma, Jules and Herschel jockey for position as they get a special treat at dinner time. Nestle, the young buck in the dry lot area also horned-in and you’ll see in the video that he got pretty pushy by grabbing my arm with his mouth. Luckily, he knows his strength and was very gentle – but he got his point across!


Now this lettuce thing is not a regular part of their diet. It’s just a treat so don’t be thinking “what are they doing over there?” The donkeys in the dry lot area are on a restricted diet. They get hay in the morning and a few carrot nibs. In the evening they get soaked Timothy hay cubes along with some Purina Enrich Plus special diet. The John Donkeys are pasture fed but they get a token amount of Enrich Plus and some carrot nibs.


These spoiled boys act like they’ve never eaten or like they are starving or something. Always – I man ALWAYS ready to eat. So fun capturing their behavior on camera!

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