Donkeys: Rain Rain Go Away

Donkeys: Rain Rain Go Away


Donkeys don’t sing “Rain Rain Go Away,” but they sure act it out by staying dry. They tolerate rain, but if it pours, they will seek shelter after a while. Now that the John Mule Buddy is shepherding with mare Cowgirl, the John Donkeys have the run of two pastures. This gives them three places to avoid the rain. First, there’s the awning on the South side of the new barn. Second, there’s the new loafing shed over by the aviary. Last, there’s the converted airplane hangar/barn.


Here, Jules (in the background) and his buddy Herschel are staying dry in the South part of the hangar/barn. They just finished eating along with Zeus and Kharma and decided to keep the chickens company. The fifth John Donkey (Nestle) is with the Jennys in the new barn corral. You can see Jules biding his time by first scratching his head on the stand over by the hydrant and then snooping around the Rooster’s pen for some food. Jules is always scrounging for a free meal – but the chickens never leave anything behind or kick any food out of the coop!


Jules further inspects the workbench to see if there is any food waiting for him there and ends up scratching his neck on it. Meanwhile, Herschel quietly flicks his tail and ears and looks on as we record their lollygagging. 


One of Jules’ favorite spots (especially during hot, summer days), is right in front of the barrel fan over by the chick nursery. He spends hours there some days. He hogs the closest position directly in front of the fan and won’t give it up until there’s food to be had.

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