Donkeys in their Loafing Shed

Four of the John Donkeys at LGRS now have a new loafing shed to huddle in during cold and rainy winter nights. The building is thanks to our neighbor Kevin and his brother Philip (and crew) who also helped with the foundation for the new barn. The males were displaced from the proper run-in part of the barn because we are still dry-lotting the jennet Bon-Bon. This gives Bon-Bon (and her gelding son Nestle) exclusive access to the donkey part of the barn.


For this reason, we decided to extend the roof line of the barn over by the chicken house and create a loafing shed for the other boys. The shed is quite sizable and has no problem housing Zeus, Kharma, Herschel, and Jules. It took them about ten days to warm up to the idea of running in to the shed. Donkeys are very cautious – more cautious than curious – so it’s no wonder they braved the rain and cold for a while before they decided to explore the new shed.


Here they are sticking their heads out and finally coming over to inspect wether or not some food was in the offing. First Zeus and Kharma venture out followed by precocious and bossy Jules and then finally Hershel. We are so happy these guys have a place to stay now that Bon-Bon and her son are running the barn. The jennets Callie and Mocha are still down by the old hangar barn with the goats.

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