Donkey Logic – Be A Chipmunk

The intelligence (and competition) of these John Donkeys is always a source of amusement and wonder. Here they are at the hangar barn chewing some coastal hay. Note how Zeus, Jules, and Kharma, all in the foreground – are scrounging for scraps whilst Mr. Piggy in the background (that is Jules) has managed to stuff a big wad of hay in his mouth which he now lazily chomps on.
C’mon Jules you mean you’re not going to share any of that? No, like some wily chipmunk, he’s managed to get the lion’s share of hay in his mouth to keep it away from the others. Unlike a chipmunk he’s not going to disgorge and hide any of that hay for later. No, he’s going to hang on to it and eat it all right on the spot!
This is no mistake – rather, it is part of the ongoing saga and competition between donkeys to always be fist, always get more, and leave the others wanting. When the mule is around, the dynamic is interesting. He is number one and lets the donkeys know it. He was up at the new barn during this recording so we’ll have to catch his antics later in another video… #LGRS #DONKEYS

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