Dinner Bell for Shepherdess Cowgirl

Our sweet sorrel mare “Cowgirl” loves her dinner routine. She usually lounges within earshot outside the barn over by the stock tank. When she hears her name being called, she runs into the barn and directly into her stall. It’s truly amazing how gingerly she steps between the sheep so as not to hurt them. 

We feed her in her stall so the sheep do not disturb her meal. She is so gentle with them that she will allow them to push her out of the way to eat – or worse jump up and try to stick their heads in her feed bucket. So in an attempt to give her some peace while she is eating, this is the routine for morning and late afternoon feedings. The sheep then get their feed in the fold-down troughs opposite her stall.

As you can see in the video, wether “Manny” was trying to steal some of Cowgirl’s feed but he was caught red-handed. Manny is one of only several sheep in the herd that will come right up to you and beg for food or attention. “Hank” is another individual who will do this. Most of the others just keep to themselves.

Manny drew close to me while he was convalescing from a broken leg. We had to sequester him and therefore he was getting lots of attention and hand-feeding during his recovery. Ever since his leg healed, he’s been affectionate and unafraid. 

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