Cowgirl Gets Her Treat

Cowgirl Gets Her Treat


Our sweet shepherdess mare “Cowgirl” just loves her routine. At meal time we call out to her and she runs into the barn. I tell her “get inside” and she glides into her stall and waits for me to close the gate. We feed her in the stall so the sheep don’t bother her or beg from her. We also feed the sheep differently and we don’t want her sniping their food either. So we wait for the sheep to finish eating whereupon they scatter out in the pasture. Then cowgirl is let out of her stall with a little horse treat. These treats can be carrot nibs, carob nuggets, or a prepackaged horse treat.


You’ll notice in the video when I first ask her if she wants a treat, she shakes her head up and down. She knows exactly what time it is when I say that. When we open the stall gate she’s expecting that treat and as you can see she’s right there looking for it.


Later, Cowgirl saunters over to some coastal hay we placed for the sheep. Little Brady, the pygmy wether, can’t help but to jump up on me to see if he can get a treat (not just now, but he’ll get one later). Brady is a precocious little goat that “rides herd” on the sheep. The sheep have ten years on him so they look at him as a pesky youngster even though he’s full grown now.


Meanwhile, Cowgirl settles in to her pile of hay before wandering out to the pasture to tend to her herd. See you next time girl! #LGRS #HORSE

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