Cowgirl Gets a Carrot

Our sweet shepherdess Cowgirl the mare is very well behaved when it’s time for her morning and afternoon feeding. All we have to do is yell “Cowgirl!” and she comes running into the barn and straight into her stall where we have her feed bucket hung.


We sequester her in her stall at feeding time so the sheep (and little pygmy Brady) don’t jump all over her to get at her food. Cowgirl is so protective and gentle with them that she’ll tolerate them stealing her food. So we lock out the smaller critters so they can’t do that.


Once we fill up her stock tank and do some general cleaning up, it’s time to turn her out to the pasture again – that’s when we will have a small treat for her like a horse biscuit or a carrot. Today, I asked her if she wanted a carrot and as you will see in the video I got a big horsey head nod on that question! Here she is prodding me for more…


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