Canada Geese Eye Goat Herd

That pretty pair of Canada Geese is back again to visit this Spring. We are pretty sure they are attracted to our domestic Chinese Geese because.. well our geese are are so loud. This lovely pair was following the goat herd as they were being fed. You can see them eyeing the goats as they were munching on carrots and goat feed.

The geese usually touch down in the morning amidst the hootin’ and hollerin’ of our birds. The Canada Geese stick close to the fence line and waddle about after inspecting the goats and the other geese. They’ll hang out for ten to fifteen minutes then they fly away.

We are on the lookout for the annual pilgrimage of a pair of yellow-bellied whistling ducks. They have hung out by our geese for the last few years so we are anxious to see them soon as well. Stay tuned!

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