Breakfast With Barn Cats

So far there is no evidence that these sweet feral kitties have a clue about mousing. Still plenty of mice scattering around the hangar barn pilfering the roosters’ food. Nonetheless the cats have become a fixture in the daily routine at LGRS.
When not lolling about in the feed room area, the cats visit with the goats. Surprisingly the goats do not chase them or bother them in any way. The cats walk between the goats’ legs, follow them about and generally act like they own the place.
Regarding their interactions with the donkeys, they are likewise fortunate. For the most part the donkeys ignore them and seem to tolerate their presence. From time to time a donkey will sniff at them and follow them for a few feet, but so far there has been no aggression.
At feeding time, the barn cats will swarm me and get underfoot, often yowling about their little tails being stepped on. We mix in herbal flea and tick repellent into their food. We also rub them with Diatomaceous Earth and add it to their food to rid them of pests and worms.

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