BonBon’s homecoming

This is a video compilation of BonBon’s homecoming over the weekend. She just spent the last three days and nights at Clifton Veterinary Clinic because, once again, this sweet jenny developed a bout of “choke” after hoof trims this past week.


The first choke incident was in October and since it happened over a weekend we had to take her to the Texas A&M large animal hospital emergency room.


Choke happens when food gets stuck in the esophagus. This can happen if the animal is not chewing all of its food or if the food is too dry. It’s a dangerous condition because it can cause dehydration and stomach acids can rise up and get into the lungs. The esophagus has a tendency to develop strictures from scar tissue if choke happened in the past.


Now we must feed her grain that’s been soaked and dry lot her when the grass is dry.

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