Barefoot Trim for Cowgirl

Our farrier, Chad Holt and his wife and partner Barbara spent a number of hours over at Lucky Glider ranch tending to hoof trims for eight donkeys and also Cowgirl the mare. We are very grateful for the deft handling of the beloved critters by Chad and Barbara. Cowgirl, as always, was very well behaved for her pedicure. While Barbara kept Cowgirl occupied with the brushing of her mane and face, Chad got to work on his barefoot trims.


Cowgirl’s hooves were in really good shape. No thrush, uneven growth, or other common problems. Every six months or so, she gets this tune-up and she’s good for quite a while. A lot of this is owing to the fact that we’ve got a lot of limestone in Bosque county, so that helps to keep the hooves short.


In the video, you can see how the mare allowed our friend Chad to take the lead, not fussing or nickering over his work. What a pleasant experience! The donkeys were a little tougher because… well – they are donkeys after all. Thanks Chad and Barbara for keeping Cowgirl trimmed up and happy!

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