A Rare Sight Donkeys Sharing

What a pleasant surprise to see some of our John Donkeys chowing down together on some coastal hay this morning over at the hangar barn. It is rare for four donkeys to peacefully chomp on food in such close proximity to one another. In most cases, the leader will rear up and kick at the others and hog the food for himself. For this reason, we spread out the food into three or four feeding buckets or troughs so they don’t have to fight each other to eat.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I topped-off their breakfast with a single flake of coastal hay and they at it without any fuss. 

In the foreground you will see Kharma. He is approximately 15 years old and the son of Zeus, the one just behind him. The classic brown one is Herschel. He hangs out a lot with Jules, the dark brown one in the background. It is Jules, the youngest, is the leader of the herd. He’s the one who usually nudges the others out of the way to eat. So nice to see them getting along!

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